THE POP EXPOSE ‘2019 A Bust for Action Figures’ by Mitchell Smith!

2019 was a bust for action figures!

2019 rolled out crappy right from the get go as far as collecting action figures goes. G.I. Joe was a complete bust for any new modern type figures and a bit of a bust for me at second hand places such as my local flea market and yard sales. Probably my best find was a 2008 twelve inch Beachhead that I had been searching for on line for several years now. I would have to say for myself the best figure line was the Marvel 6 inch lineup.

The End Game movie was a huge success and the figure line was equally as good. Most of the figures being a build a figure, I was hooked on a couple of those sets. All the main Avengers characters were really cool and the detail on the 6 inch figures is really awesome. The Star Wars lineup this year was up and down. The 3-3/4 inch style was a bust for me. The recent fall lineup of all gold colored figures was a complete waste of time and money as well as some new scale of unproportioned figures that made me shake my head and ask myself WHY? There was a few 6 inch figures earlier in the year that were awesome, but the cool figures were hard to find unless you payed double what they were worth on line. I was able to find late in the year an Air Skiff from ROTJ and a Jabba’s Palace Han Solo display wall that saved me from chalking this one up to a complete loss, so this one was half a flop, I wish they would stop wasting money on new lines that don’t work and just concentrate on 3-3/4 inch or 6 inch figures. I grew up watching TMNT but I never got into the figures. There were a couple lineups that I had my hands on and considered starting to collect them but I passed it up.

This year seemed to be more of a cartoony look. There definitely has been way better years for TMNT figures. Nothing stood out to me that said you should start collecting me. All toy lines seem to be getting away from vehicles. The handful that may have been released such as the Vintage Star Wars Air Skiff are aimed at a collector and priced very high. Recent Star Wars years have also had vehicles and the prices have skyrocketed, so maybe this has been a plan in the works for some time now. Even some of the cheap knock off toys that some of us grabbed for customizing seem to be just crap all around. All in all as a whole I think the 2019 year was a bust, but maybe not a bad thing if people were able to bank that money.

I think 2020 will be more promising for my favorite toy line G.I. Joe, but maybe I’m just hopefully wishing. I’d love to see G.I Joe come back with some of the late 80’s and 90’s lineups we didn’t see, and focus on some of the smaller vehicles like the Silver Mirage, Devil Fish, or the M.A.N.T.A, but maybe that is just a pipe dream of mine, till then, guess I’ll stick with customizing or just setting up what I have a snap some pictures. As always I hope your are all blessed and I wish you all a Happy New Year and cheers to brighter days. What was your opinion of this years action figure offerings? MAKE THE JUMP to the forum and let us know!


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