THE POP EXPOSE – A Look Back at 80s TV Classic ‘Miami Vice’!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Well hello everyone. Today I’m taking a look back at a show I loved as a kid and recently started rewatching and remembering why I loved it so much. Miami Vice aired from 1984 to 1989 and starred Don Johnson as Sonny Crocket and Philip Micheal Thomas as Tubbs. The first episode is a 2 part episode that was able to establish 2 great characters with back stories and a common connection. Tubbs is an undercover cop in New York City and ends up trying to make an under cover drug deal with Crocket who is one of the top Miami vice cops.

They finally end up figuring out they are both cops after Crocket chases Tubbs down when Tubbs steals his $100,000 Chris Craft Stinger cigarette boat. The hot expensive vehicles don’t stop there. One of my favorite cars is the Ferrari Daytona Spyder, this is just an awesome car. Then they brought in the Testarossa, what I fine piece of machinery. Episode 3 sports Ed O’Neil as the main villain. Kind of strange seeing him after knowing that he becomes Al Bundy. Many other stars also have villain rolls throughout the series such as Bruce Willis.

The sound track to this series is second to none including the multi use of Phil Collins In the Air Tonight, and so many great eighties songs. It’s like taking a trip back in time with so many great tracks. I’m not sure where Crocket kept all of his sport coats but I wish I could rock one like he does. I’m not sure where Miami Vice lands on your list of eighties shows, but this one is near the top for me. Are you a fan of classic Miami Vice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! Have a great week everyone.


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