The POP-EXPOSE ‘Atlanta Braves Team of the 90’s?’


This week’s article courtesy of Serpentorslair Contributor Mitchell Smith!

The Atlanta Braves had a magical run in 1991 as they went from last place in 1990 to first place in 1991. Then they had the magic game in 1992 when Sid Bream rounded third base and headed home in what seemed like an eternity to reach the plate but Bream slide in and the Braves won the pennant. The Braves were in 5 World Series from 1991-1999, but they were only able to muster up 1 championship. This would make one think that they were not the team of the 90’s. The Yankees put together 3 World Series titles one of them defeating the Braves. I think over all for that decade the Braves had the best pitching, hitting, and all around defense. One great player after another came up in the organization, and they had the staple pitching rotation anchored by John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Steve Avery, Greg Maddux and Kent Mercker.

Some of their middle pitching was shaky but they always had a good closer like Mark Wohlers who was there for the championship. I wondered if today’s pitching formula would have helped or hurt them in the 90’s. It’s so structured now the starter pitches 6 innings and then they turn it over to the bullpen. I think it may have helped them but it may have taken away some of the excitement of their wins and losses.

One instance that comes to mind is when Mike Stanton had to take an at bat do to the lack of subs left on the bench, and if I recall I believe he got a hit and maybe an RBI. They had so many great players a lot of them were not super stars they just played great defense and played small ball. As far as I’m concerned I say the Braves were the team of the 90’s.

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