THE POP EXPOSE ‘Avengers Endgame Preview’ By Mitchell Smith!

Avengers: Endgame is coming!

Well I hope it has not been too long a wait for Avengers: Endgame. Infinity War was probably my favorite movie from last year and not only was that good but made me catch up on all the spin offs that I missed. This one should have a few tear jerking moments especially with the late great forefather Stan Lee passing away last year and this potentially the last movie he will have a cameo in. I’m sure there will be some sort of dedication to him as well. With that said now all the pieces are in place to get Endgame out on the launch pad and blast off in epic proportion.

I’ve seen some toys trickling into retail and although I have not bought anything pertaining directly to Endgame, the unified look looks pretty cool, but much like G.I. Joe I enjoy the individuality as opposed to everyone in a unified outfit. I’m hoping the uniforms are a secluded part of the movie. I want to see individual Superheroes coming together as one, but I still want to see their unique individuality in the film as we saw in Infinity War. A lot of times sequels seem to fail, but this one is not a true sequel. Somehow I hope we get some Guardian of the Galaxy back quick as well, I think they are one of the most dynamic teams in Infinity War with comic relief and with how much they meant to everything from Groot making the handle for Thor’s Ax to Thanos making the ultimate sacrifice with Gamora. 

Obviously the main story will be stopping Thanos but the many, many backstories will come into play as well as the long running stories through decades of comics, shows, and movies. Endgame kind of hints that this is the last movie. I think this is far from it. I know there are a few Marvel movies in the works, but Endgame could be the peak of the franchise. I haven’t had a chance to catch Captain Marvel yet, so hopefully I can knock that off before I go see Endgame, but I’m not sure I need to see it before hand. I should catch on, I did watch Infinity War, Guardians 2, then Guardians 1 last, I figured it out. 

I love how all these movies come together for one epic movie, I hope it will be a kick ass movie, I haven’t seen a ton of hype on Endgame, which in return should help the overall movie. I’m thinking this one will not disappoint I just hope that it doesn’t fall short of Infinity War as that was the movie that drew me in and made me a true Marvel fan.

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