The POP EXPOSE ‘Baseball Ain’t What it Used To Be’ By Mitchell Smith!


Baseball has been traced back to the 1700’s and became popular in the U.S. during the Civil War when soldiers would play to keep busy when they had down time. In the late 1800’s a professional league was formed where men got paid to play baseball. Around the beginning of the 1900’s Baseball started taking shape and the MLB was born. Times were different back then, there was no TV and going to a game was a way to relax, let loose, and probably most of all pass time. I love watching old clips especially of greats like, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Ty Cobb. They were pioneers and getting up to bat and their stance in the batter box was very unique for many players. I love that fact that when it rained the players rolled out the tarps and they helped keep the grounds. Back in the 20’s and on up through the turn of the century I think baseball was much more exciting to watch. 

I was watching old clips and I found a TV show from 1960 called home run derby. Each week it would put the top 2 hitters against each other in a nine inning home run derby. I watched Mickey Mantle against Willy Mays. It was pretty simple but entertaining. I get a kick out of these old timers who used to party all the time then go play a game. They might party all night then go out and hit 3 home runs in a game. Even the more modern teams such as the Cincinnati Reds in the 70’s, Oakland Athletics in the 80’s, the Braves in the 90’s, and the Yankees at the turn of the century. Maybe its just me but today’s game seems to be stale. Drawn out and almost staged. There just isn’t the excitement there that there used to be. I had no real interest in watching any games this year and I’ve missed the playoffs and the World series games. I just had no interest in finding them on TV. I think something like a weekly home run derby would be interesting to try in today’s modern game. 

They could rotate ball parks and maybe do a tour of these modern ballparks that a lot of people might not ever get a chance to see them, then you could take 2 top players interview them and have them square off. I just think they need to do something to draw me back in. I always loved the strategic play of baseball as opposed to the slugging. Yeah home runs are fun to see, but getting a guy on first, stealing second, bunting to third and a sac fly to score is just as exciting to me. It used to be fun watching on a game on TV and its become very boring to me to watch a, . so I hope baseball can turn things around and make the game exciting again.

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