The POP EXPOSE ‘Billion Dollar Jackpot’ By Mitchell Smith!

The Mega Million dollar jackpot rose to 1 Billion dollars Friday the 19th, it has been close a time or two but this is the first time its hit the Billion dollar status. Which if you hit it and took the lump sum which pans out to about $550 Million, and our fine government will tax you on that so cut that roughly in half again, so now you’re left with $225 million. WOW so what the hell would you do with that amount of cash. Have one huge ass party. Although you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning then hitting the lotto, I thought it would be mildly entertaining to imaging what you would do if you did hit this type of jackpot. 

First thing I would do is indeed throw a huge ass party. I would most likely donate a chunk to the church, the local volunteer fire departments, my kids schools, then I would make sure my family’s bills were all paid up so they could live comfortably. After I would buy a nice house someplace. I would then of course have to complete my G.I. Joe collection most importantly get a USS Flagg. It’s kind of crazy if you think about a billion dollar jackpot. This one is so big that I was buying tickets for coworkers in Canada. Well if there happens to be one lucky winner hope they at least know me LOL. Good luck and if you were a lucky winner hope you didn’t have a heart attack. What would you do if you hit it? Let us know your JACKPOT dreams AFTER THE JUMP!

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