THE POP EXPOSE – Billy Squier Still Rocking!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone. Today I’m taking a look at a musician many may know, but not realize how many hits he has produced over the years. Billy Haislip Squier was born in 1950 in Massachusetts. His most popular song “The Stroke” has been used in the movie, “Billy Madison”, sampled in Eminem’s song “Beezerk”, and used in the video game “Call of Duty.” Although this is a song most people know Squier also has a long list of hits including My Kind of lover, In the Dark, and Lonely is the Night. Squier started out performing around age 14 .

He formed a few bands early on in his career and after playing at a nightclub in Boston he saw Eric Clapton play live and it inspired him to pursue a serious career in music. Squires first big gig came when he was managed by the same company that managed Kiss and he was able to open for them at Madison Square Garden in 1977. Something else very special happened that year too, but that is a story for another day. In 1980 Squier toured with Alice Cooper and shortly after he finally had a hit, “The Stroke”.

The same album produced a number of hits that still fill the airwaves today. He also has written a number of songs for movie soundtracks over the years like “Fast Times” on Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Shake Down” from St Elmo’s Fire. In 2007 he performed at the Rock and Roll hall of Fame with some all time greats like Mitch Ryder, Tone Loc, and Tom Cochrane. Squier has been a staple in the music industry for decades and is still active today. He is one of those names you don’t hear pop up a lot but Billy is one of my favorite singers and hopefully he will make a stop in my neck of the woods so I can catch him live. Have a great week everybody.


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