The POP-EXPOSE ‘Branch Rickey’ By Mitchell Smith!

Wesley Branch Rickey born December 20th 1881 in Stockdale, OH was best known for drafting the first black man Jackie Robinson which broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Although it was not an easy road for either of them, Rickey changed America’s pass time, and he changed the perspective on the face of America. Rickey played professional football and baseball, before becoming a manager in the MLB. Rickey commanded a chemical training unit in WWI and had one of the all time baseball greats Ty Cobb under his command.

The 2013 movie 42 shows the amazing story of what Rickey and Robinson overcame to break the color barrier. Both are legends in their own respect. Rickey died in 1965 delivering a speech at his induction to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. I’m not sure if Rickey gets the recognition he deserves, but he single handedly started a chain reaction that would send the US into great turmoil, but in the end the country has become a much more unified and diversified country. What are your thoughts on Branch Rickey? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP!


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