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CHIPS is a show based on the California Highway Patrol. The show ran from 1977 to 1983. This was a very popular show and the 2 main character were Jon Baker played by Larry Wilcox and Frank Poncherello played by Eric Estrada. Ponch and Jon patrolled the highway together and they had many great adventures. Along with the show came a toy line of 3 – ¾ scale as well as an 8 inch figure line. These were pretty nice back in the day. Chips had a reunion show in 1998, there have been rumors of a Motion Picture, and just this week there was a rumor floating around that NBC wants to revive the sitcom in 2016.

Growing up I watched Chips, although I was only 3 when the show first aired, I did become a part of the fan base who loved this show. There are a couple big things I remember from the show ( I haven’t seen an episode since the 80’s). First was the introduction. I never got sick of watching Ponch and Jon, riding their bikes down the highway. The whole close up shots and then zooming out and back in, and the intro song was one of the best tunes. Second thing I loved were the uniforms especially the helmets, and then there always seemed to be a pile up on the freeway. One of the coolest things I remember is Ponch driving a blue pickup with the step sides. I always loved those step sides and I think it was because of Chips. I never had any of the figures, but I remember standing in Kmart and looking at the figures and the motor cycles wishing I could buy them, but that never came to be. Moments after I sat and marveled and fantasized about a 3&3/4 Ponch and Jon riding around my living room I had to go find my mom.

Some kid a few years older then me had apparently been looking at the bicycles and knocked them all down like dominos and was trying to hold the stack from completely falling over. He called for my help and asked me to hold the bikes while he went and got help to fix the pile. Much like me never getting the Chips figures the kid never came back and I ended up letting the row of bikes fall into a pile on the floor. I was around 8 at the time and I was scared of getting in trouble over the bikes, but worse of all that was the last time I ever laid eyes on the figure line.

I have looked on line and thought about getting some figures, but I have always passed. I was waiting for a movie release and now I hope the news that the show is coming back will materialize along with some updated figures. It would be cool to see Ponch and Jon back as ranked officers and back in action.

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