The POP-EXPOSE ‘College Basketball Fans’ by Mitchell Smith!


The POP-EXPOSE ‘College basketball fans’

At this point in the Men’s NCAA Division 1 College basketball tournament many brackets are busted, many hearts are broken, but 2 teams out of nearly 350 college teams remain for a shot at the top crown at the college level. The CBS crew of Barkley, Smith, Kellogg, and Gumbel spoke of how special the tournament is and at so many different levels, for some teams making the tourney is their crown, for others its making the Sweet 16 or Elite 8.

The tourney is always fast and furious, filled with upsets and remarkable play by talented men who get a spot to shine in front of millions of viewers. Then by some rare chance of events, your team may make it’s way to that point of which you are satisfied, whether it be beating your first opponent or beating your last for the season’s crown.

Growing up I started watching college basketball when the Fab Five where up and coming, I jumped on board and they were my team. I had some apparel and rooted for them for several years. Then I moved to Syracuse, NY. The Orange movement was hard to stop. When every corner you turn is sure to sport some sort of apparel, memorabilia, or maybe even one of the players or coaches, it’s hard to not become an SU fan. Much like any other college town, being involved in the University that supports the local economy, you as an individual who goes to games, buys merchandise, watches the games on TV, you are just as much a part in a victory as those who are shooting the game winning shot. So hopefully you have enjoyed the tournament as much as I have, and if your team is still in it, good luck in the final game.

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