THE POP-EXPOSE – Do You Wish You Had These G.I.Joe’s As A Kid?

Don’t you wish you would have had these GI Joe’s as a kid???

G.I. Joe has always been my favorite line. There have been so many great vehicles and figures over the years but there are some things I wish we would have seen made over the years. The first thing that comes to my mind is some awesome bikes for the Dreadnoks. It would have been awesome to see a couple Cobra bikes for them to ride. Torch, Ripper, and Buzzer sporting a Chopper, a Hog, and an Indian would have been awesome, although there are some nice scaled bikes out there at retail, some cool Cobra Bikes would have been Awesome. Next up one I have seen made in a couple other lines, but Joe never got a cargo jet. This would have been a cool play set especially for Joe’s such as Airborne, Ripcord, and Crazy legs to jump out of, but it also could have had room to fit small vehicles to drop off like the Vamp or a Snow Cat. 

Anyone that has ever gotten one of the off brand ones knows how cool a G.I.Joe one would have been especially in the 80’s heyday. The next thing I wish they would have made and probably still could if they ever try a reboot is a playset much like the Battle Force 2000 but the vehicles would combine to make a G.I.Joe space station. There could be shuttles and rovers that combine to make a space station. I don’t have the capability to design one myself, but I have been collecting some materials to try and make a G.I.Joe space station to go along with some of the Star Brigade and astronaut figures. It seems like they made almost every figure for every environment, but Barbecue was one of the only fire fighters I can remember outside of the Sigma Six line with Inferno. It would have been cool to have had one other at least, something like Fire Wall with his trusty Dalmatian Smoke. 

I don’t think there were any female Star Brigade either that I can remember. It would have been nice to see Scarlett, Lady Jaye, or maybe a new figure to pay homage to the ladies who lost their lives in the Challenger. These are a just a few ideas I had that I thought would have been cool or could still be cool. There is still some room for G.I. Joe to do a reboot and create some new stuff. What kind of ideas do you have that would have been really cool in the Joe world? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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