THE POP EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe 2017 Review’ By Mitchell Smith!

2017 is coming to an end and with it the Joe world closes out with some pretty cool figures. Although I cannot bring myself to pay the high price of the exclusive figures, that doesn’t negate the fact of how cool they look on paper. So many great figures such as Ambush, Raptor, and Scoop. The Battle Force 2000 figures though were a set I wished I had the money to splurge on. Back in the day the whole set of Battle Force figures and vehicles was just a really cool concept. 

Each vehicle able to break down into a section of the Battle Force 2000 Base. As a kid 12 year old I only had one vehicle the Dominator, although this vehicle formed the front walls of the base I dreamt of having all 6 to make this mobile base. It took me some 29 years to get my first Battle Force 2000 figure and all the vehicles to create this base. So it may take me another 29 years to get these modern day figures. Over all they all look great. I would have liked to see them all with removable helmets, although the original line only had 2 figures with removable helmets, I may have considered trying to get my hands on these figures had there been removable helmets.

Just like the 1987 versions though Maverick and Knockdown were the only 2 with the removable helmets. I’m still not sure if that would have persuaded me to shell out the bucks for these figures though. If they would have tossed in updated versions of the vehicle, then that would have been a horse of a different color. So for now, I will have to look at pictures and I’ll just enjoy my 1987 versions of the figures and the vehicles, which are pretty cool in their own right. Which G.I.Joe figure was your favorite in 2017? MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and let us know!



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