THE POP EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe Sigma Six’ by Mitchell Smith!

In 2005 Sigma 6 was created and hit the GI Joe spot light for a couple years. The Cartoon was pretty good, it brought in a couple new characters while holding onto some of the original characters from GI Joe heyday 80’s. The toy line was pretty cool, but was a little bit of a sticker shock at the time when people were used to a figure for $2-$3 and these were around $15.00 at the time. 

It was a little hard to justify the price at the time, but now a days that would be a killer deal for a Joe with that amount of articulation and weapons. I like the look of the Sigma 6 figures and the uniforms were kind of cool in the show. I think this would have been a cool sub group to do in the 3-3/4 inch style. I love the look. They did have a RHINO Which I thought maybe was heading toward creating this group but I don’t believe they did any in the 3-3/4 that I know of. Well something to look forward to if not.

Did you collect G.I.JOE Sigma 6? Are you a fan? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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