The POP-EXPOSE ‘Gods helping hand at the Crossroads’


(Piece Courtesy of Serpentorslair Contributor ‘Train’)

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Gods helping hand at the Crossroads

I wasn’t sure what to write about this week. I was trying to think of something fresh and I came up with nothing. Then I remembered a somewhat remarkable experience last weekend. Friday night I felt a bit off. Wondering to myself if I was heading in the right direction, at a bit of a crossroad if you will. My head swirled with thoughts of parenting, work, am a being a good husband, and so on. Saturday night flipping around on Netflix I find the movie Cast one of the first few movies I flipped to, so I watched that. Then Sunday morning the liturgy was about wouldn’t you know being at the crossroad and taking the right path. So I put them all together and what did I come up with. I can continue on the path I’m on and you know just veer a little to the left or right if I need. I could turn around and go back to where I started, or I could turn left or right and find something completely different. So I decided that my life is really pretty good, the only place I want to go is straight on forward and keep improving the road I’m on. Today at church Father Peter was talking about God calling us and that we don’t always hear his call. So the only thing I could come up with was that at my crossroad God called me and kept me on the right path. So I think going forward I will keep my eyes and ears open to the signs that will guide me to a good life.


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