THE POP EXPOSE ‘Growing Up Francis Bean’ By Mitchell Smith!

Frances Bean Cobain was born on August 18th 1992, named after Frances McKee of the Vasalines. Frances of course was born into the grunge life and perhaps the heyday of grunge to Kurt and Courtney Cobain. 2 of the most iconic grunge singers with Nirvana who started the Grunge hype, and Hole 2 of my all time favorite bands. Daughter to 2 of the most powerful singers in history, Frances was sure to be a Grunge goddess, or perhaps it would be an unbelievable burden to try and live up to 2 of the most iconic 90’s grunge superstars. 

Although Frances can watch her father hold he on national TV, she never got a chance to know her father as he took his life before she turned 2 years old. I was wondering though what it was like growing up for her. Surly she had no money issues, but she must have had a lot of pressure to pursue music. There is pretty much no way she could have the voice of either one of her parents, but not that she needs it, she is not a fan of the Grunge thing. I recently listened to a couple song clips of her on the internet, singing a very contemporary style music, but somewhere deep down inside I heard a little Kurt and Courtney and someday she may bust out and be as good or better then her parents. 

I’m not sure she can be the song writer they were, Frances has had her problems were custody battles from what I can gather, Kurt and Courtney tapped into the youth of the world and their struggles with things such as drug addiction, and the whole feminist movement in the 90’s shaped a lot of there music, and they had major struggles in high school and in life that reached out and grabbed people and drew them in like the scent of and apple pie grabbing the nostril and working deep inside that brain to suck you in. I don’t think Frances has can be a writer or a musical artist to the magnitude that her parents reached, but she is still young and still developing. I think she may view grunge as an evil to which both of her parents were lost to the drugs and addiction of popularity. I hope someday she may turn the page and realize that Grunge is much more than that and somehow reach out to the world and release a voice as powerful as releasing the Kraken.

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