THE POP-EXPOSE ‘Guardians Meet Star Wars’ By Mitchell Smith

Could Guardians of the Galaxy ever cross paths with the Millennium Falcon crew?

The Millennium Falcon has had several crews over the history of the Star Wars franchise. From Han and Chewy to Lando and Chewy, to Han and Rey, and soon there will have to be a new crew to take over, so would it be possible for one of these crews to cross paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy? In a franchise rights situation obviously Disney could do a crossover between to two maybe even just something along the lines as the Guardians coming across an abandoned Falcon.

So I was just thinking if the Guardian crew came across the Falcon Crew who would be the best to integrate. It would be hard for the original crew of Han and Chewy to run into the Guardian crew especially with Han being completely out of the universe now, and he being from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, it doesn’t seem like Star Lord and Han Solo would be standing face to face. So who would it be, I’m not sure anyone ever lined up a Star Wars timeline with our history like Marvel has. Maybe one day there will be a crossover movie and see Groot and Chewy flying the Falcon as a team, or maybe Gomorrah with R2 and C3PO. The possibilities are endless. Not sure if Disney will ever incorporate the 2 worlds into each other but I think it would be cool to see some of the characters intermingling.

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