THE POP-EXPOSE ‘Halloween’ by Mitchell Smith!

October is such a great month here in Central New York. Normally the weather is in the 60s this time of year which is great for hot apple cider and fresh apple fritters. Apple picking, hey rides, and corn mazes are one of my favorite things to do. Then there is Halloween. We have 3 things we love to do for Halloween. One we go camping with 3 to 4 families for a Halloween weekend where kids and adults can dress up for costume drawings, cabin decorating, and pumpkin carving contests. 

Plus it’s camping, so we have a lot of fun. Going to the pumpkin patch is always a lot of fun. Normally we hit up a corn maze and find the best pumpkin for carving. Last my street is a huge Halloween street. Most people hand out candy and decorate and There are a ton of neat costumes and haunted fun. The trick or treaters come in roves. A normal year we get somewhere in the 600 range of kids, so its non stop fun and constant flow of kids and costumes. Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. Be sure and MAKE THE JUMP to the forum and tell us about your favorite Halloween!

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