THE POP EXPOSE – ‘HAPPY HALLOWEEN’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween! This is one of those holidays that’s just fun or should be fun. There have been many haunted houses visited, haunted hey rides taken, and many candies collected over the years. Back when I was a kid I was in the hey day of the vinyl costume with the plastic mask. I think there was a G.I.Joe costume out there but I remember dressing up like Tweety Bird. In my teen years we were a bit rebellious and we had a little fun with soap, eggs, and tp extra curricular activities.

When I first moved to Syracuse I worked at a convenience store and the manager and we threw eggs at the abandoned building across the street. Probably not the best idea cause I didn’t have anything to eat the next day. When I settled down and started a family Halloween became a very fun time. We used to do a camping weekend every year with a few families and we would all dress up and have great fun. I actually made my own Darth Vader costume years ago for one of goose trips. I bought the helmet but I made all the armor from scratch.

Now a days there are many costume stores and a ton of characters to dress up as and it has become a huge holiday. I will be handing out candy tonight to the 500-1000 kids that come to my street. My street got a name and everyone hits this street up every year. Not sure what I’m going to dress up as yet but I have a few left over costumes from years past. Who’s handing out candy tonight? Stay safe and Happy Halloween everyone.


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