THE POP EXPOSE ‘Happy New Year’ By Mitchell Smith!

As we enter a New Year our lives are normally ready to shed the past years turmoil and start working on new ventures, such as losing weight, working on being nicer, or generally changing something negative into a positive. We measure most thing by an immeasurable commodity. Time. One of the most precious things in our lives, some can manage it some cannot. Sure we wake up every morning to our alarm clocks and check our calendars but really if you think of it time is immeasurable, there is no true beginning or end to it. Every day we hit snooze on the clock it could be our last time we wake up in the morning, it could be the last time you see a loved one, or the last time you are able to say I love you. One never knows how much time they actually have so time is immeasurable. 

With that said when everyone watches the ball drop in Times Square this year, and raises their glass for a New Year resolution take extra special thought this year on what you want to move into or back into the positive and follow through with it. Maybe it would be making a mends with a friend or relative, maybe you want to shave off some extra pounds and get healthy for the people around you, or what ever it may be do it, don’t wait, get yourself motivated, time is not on our side. We need to get together as a whole. We can make a difference to a lonely elders life, a difference in a child who has been under privileged, a family member who is grieving the loss of a loved one, or just help a stranger and make someone’s day. We have to power to make our lives better and make other people’s lives better. So don’t waste another second of precious time, get out there and make a difference. Most of all use your time wisely, and make the most of today and every day. Here is to new beginnings, Happy New Year.

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 THE POP EXPOSE ‘Happy New Year’ By Mitchell Smith!


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