Being thankful can be hard these days. Life seems so much more busy. More things to watch and more ways to watch them. Keeping up on Facebook or Twitter can be a full time job. You make a point to get in shape and you feel the need to join a workout group that you need to start a part time job to be able to afford. The kids these days have so many things to get into, it seems like they could be into a different thing every other week. One week it could be Shopkins and the next week its Pokémon. They could spend all day playing video games, watching Netflix, and hiding out in their rooms. It seems the trend is that free activities are something to turn your nose up at.

WHAT? Kids don’t go to the park and play anymore, everything is organized and if you’re not paying a hefty charge, that must mean it’s not a good program and your kid wont do that poor program because you want him to be a star player in the NFL someday. The world to me seems to be moving at light speed and everything starts and stops in the snap of the fingers. This time of year things speed up even more. The hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, and getting around to see family members that you haven’t seen in six month. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time or slow it down or have 30 hours in a day and 500 days in a year, but that will not happen, this is what we have and time is pretty much set. So the only option we have if we don’t like this light speed life is to hit the brakes. Stop, open the door, and get out.

Take a walk in the woods, run along the canal, plan a horseback trip with your kids, or just get a good old fashioned game of backyard kickball going. This coming week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It’s a rare long weekend for me where I get to just hang out around the house and spend time with my family. The agenda gets crinkled up, stomped on, and tossed in the fire. People get their bellies full, sit around talking about how strange their feet look or something, maybe play some Yatzee, perhaps watch a little football. No matter where you are or who you are with, take some time to step back and appreciate those who are with you.

Even those annoying relatives who only come around every now and again might be missed if they were not there. Most of all though be grateful for those people who stick it out for you everyday, the same old boring day in and day out, the ones who show up every day for you and never ask for anything in return, those are the ones you need to make sure you are thankful for and make sure you take care of them this holiday season. Seasons greetings to all and join in the conversation AFTER THE JUMP!

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