THE POP EXPOSE ‘If We Could Time Travel’ by Mitchell Smith!

This one might just be a crazy thought, but it will be fun to see if I could get some outside interaction going. If you could travel back in time and spend a week with one famous person who would it be, I’m going to do 5 just to try and get it rolling.

Babe Ruth
The Babe, The Bambino, the Sultan of Swat, born in 1895. What would be better then spending a week with the Babe when he played for the New York Yankees in the 1920’s. I was able to catch one game at the house Ruth built before they took it down to put up the new stadium. This would have been an awesome time to be in NYC, players didn’t play for million dollar contracts, and they ate hot dogs and drank beer and Ruth hit home runs. What a great time it would have been to play 3rd base or right field and hang out with the Babe.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe lived from 1926-1962. Although she died way too young to a tragic drug overdose, spending a week with Monroe in the early 50’s would have been any mans dream come true. This would be an awesome time to spend a week though. The glamour meant so much more back then compared to today. She was a star and a sex symbol, but in one of the greatest eras that I would want to live in, so one week with Marilyn and I would have to try and get used to the same old daily drag once I came back to reality.

John Lennon
They started a Revolution, John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The Beatles took the world by storm. They have a long run of great music as a band and as well as great solo careers. Beatlemania is still strong today with museums and events that are Beatle themed. Spending a week with Lennon in the 60’s would probably leave me a little hazy once I returned home, but how great would it be to sit with Lennon and watch the masterful creation of some of the most memorable songs of our time and ones that are etched in time. 
Robert Leckie

Bob Leckie one of my least famous people on this list but his story and his name was made more popular from the 2010 mini series The Pacific. Leckie wrote one of my favorite books Helmet for my Pillow, along with writing many other books as well as telling his story to create The Pacific. I have always had an appreciation for the people who have sacrificed for our country and our freedom. I would spend a week with Robert on Peleliu in the worst place on earth the Umurbrogol Mountains where Leckie traveled and fought his way across this Pacific island during World War 2 with the Marine Corp. Men who made it back home from this place really appreciated life and the freedom they had. Robert died at age 81, and I’m glad I had a chance to here his story. 

Ulysses S. Grant
Grant lived from 1822 to 1885. He was Commanding General of the Army during the U.S. Civil War. He also served as out 18th President. It’s a face we are reminded of every time we get a 50 dollar bill. Although I think it would be really interesting to sit with Grant at the Whitehouse I also would want to be his right hand man as General Grant. To see the war first hand and to watch his brilliance in action just would have been quite a site. After a week with Grant I’m sure I would be ready to get back to some modern comforts. 

I love history and I would love to check out some of our past first hand, these are some great people to start with, who do you want to travel back in time to see? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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