THE POP EXPOSE – Is Empire Strikes Back The Best Star Wars Film? By Mitchell Smith

Is The Empire Strikes Back still the best Star Wars movie of all time?

The Star Wars franchise has grown to a very large portion, with recent additions “Solo”, and a 4th season to “Rebels”. The line up of movies has grown a lot in recent years and we will get the 9th installment of the story started way back in 1977 when a kid set out to release his story to the world. As we all know Lucas fought to get his story on the big screen and the instant craze slingshot Lucas and his franchise into the mainstream. 

Many sequels fail to outshine the original movie but The Empire Strikes Back managed to shine and perhaps became the best of the original trilogy, taking the original characters and slightly changing their outfits to make them new and improved while also introducing new and unique characters full of history and backstory such as Lando and Yoda. The movie enhanced the possibility of space travel and dove deeper into the Skywalker family history with the shocking reveal of Darth Vader’s true identity. Many of the modern films have used some pretty groundbreaking CGI, but for the late 70s and 80s The Empire Strikes Back created awesome special effects and grand scale situations that is hard to match even to today’s standards. 

I’m not sure why Solo was such a flop at the box office, maybe because it was taking one of the greatest characters of the Star Wars franchise and trying to move back just a hair to tell some of those crazy adventures he went on before running into Luke, Ben and the rest of the Star Wars familiar faces. I thought the movie was full of adventure and crazy situations where Solo just escaped certain death. Even as good as the new trilogy is, I still think they have failed to create a timeless masterpiece that Lucas created in one of the most beloved movies in the franchise. This movie delivered something amazing to the millions who fell in love with all the original characters from A New Hope, and it never gets old to me. In my humble opinion this still holds up to one of the all time best Star Warsfilms, and ranks very high as one of the all time greatest movies in history.

Do you think Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars Movie? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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