THE POP EXPOSE ‘Is G.I.Joe Still Relevant?’ By Mitchell Smith!

Is G.I. Joe still relevant? This is a hard question to answer coming from a die hard Joe fan. G.I. Joe has been a staple in my life since I was able to walk. My grandparents had a handful of the 12 inch figures and I would spend hours making adventures with my brothers when we went over to my grandparent’s house which was most Saturday’s. When I was 7 years old my brothers and I received a good portion of the 1982 line for Christmas and from then on I grew up with G.I. Joe. I got Recondo for my 9th birthday and for my 10th birthday Shipwreck and Footloose. I remember looking through the Sears catalogue wishing I could get some of these Joes in my hands. There was talk at school about how big the Flagg was and how awesome it would be to have one. We would get together with friends and set up battle scenes and just have lots of fun. 

G.I. Joe was popular and there was a certain amount of merchandise outside of action figures such as bedding, lunch boxes, and Underoos. I couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch the cartoon. People knew who G.I. Joe was, kids knew who G.I. Joe was. Although there is a number of action figures created each year, they are primarily aimed at adult collectors and the average kid these days knows nothing of collecting Joes, reading file cards, and creating adventures with friends. 

So is G.I. Joe still relevant to modern culture? Yes there is still a ton of collectors and Joe stuff in circulation but do any kids talk about G.I. Joe? The live action movies seamed more aimed at the adult collector and the merchandise would have probably been awesome when we were all ten years old, but I wasn’t going to spend that type of money and let my son destroy it through average play, so I did what most fathers probably did, bought it and put it away. You don’t hear kids talk about G.I Joe though. Avengers, teen titans, My little pony, yes these you see the kids and teenage fans, but nobody talks about Joes. Maybe there will come a turning point and G.I. Joe will make its way back into mainstream, but I’m not sure it will ever be like it was back in the heydays of the 80’s. Do you think G.I.Joe is still relevant? Let us know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


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