THE POP EXPOSE ‘Jim Boeheim’ By Mitchell Smith!

Jim Boeheim was born in November of 1944 in Lyons, NY. He graduated from Lyons Central High School and went to Syracuse University about 45 minutes east of Lyons. Boeheim was a freshman walk on for the Syracuse basketball team, and by his senior year he was the captain of the team, and played with Syracuse great and NBA Hall of Fame player Dave Bing. Boeheim did play professionally for the Scranton Miners, but soon after he went into coaching. He was an assistant coach at SU and eventually would become the head coach where he has been ever since.

He is a rarity when it comes to staying put at one school. His entire coaching career has been with SU. He started in 1969 as an assistant and is still going strong. Boeheim has had great success with his one championship coming in 2003 with Carmelo Anthony leading the way through the tournament that year. SU has had a few surprise teams in the past several years that have gone further into the tournament then expected. SU doesn’t get the cream of the crop, But Boeheim knows how to make players better and he has had great success with what talent he does get.

He has also been a coach on several Olympic teams along with being a positive force in the Syracuse community. When I first moved to Syracuse back in 1997 I didn’t know much about the city and I knew even less about Jim Boeheim and Syracuse Basketball. It’s hard to get away from it when you live here, so I embraced it. Boeheim was going to retire a couple years ago, but decided to stay partially because his son Buddy playing for SU. Jim may retire sometime soon, and it will be very different seeing someone else on the sidelines calling the shots for SU Basketball. There is no doubting the talent Boeheim has and who know he may just keep going and keep coaching at SU.

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