THE POP EXPOSE – Jim Boeheim Retires After 47 Years!

Well hello everyone. Today I take a look at the legacy and retirement of Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim. It wasn’t a surprise but it was a surprise to see Boeheim announce his retirement after 47 years coaching at SU and 2 dismal years of missing the big dance. Boeheim known for his zone defense and short attitude at press conferences has brought many years of success to SU and 1 championship. 1 championship seems like it should be more but winning it all is a lot harder then it looks. If you take a look at past champions there are a lot of great programs who have never gotten that 1.

Pulling talent into the frozen tundra isn’t easy but Syracuse University is a cool place. Boeheim who played basketball for SU, has had many great players come through the program but, Carmelo Anthony is the biggest. He lead the team to their championship and has been in the NBA for 20 years. Fans around the old wood chipper have embraced Boeheim for many years and I think it was a blessing to most to see him retire and let someone else take the stirrups. Boeheim at 78 is in good health and doesn’t plan on sitting around the house watching Oprah reruns.

He may have a little more time for a friendly poker game, but he has expressed interest in helping in other sports such as the Syracuse Lacrosse team which has a good program or even the soccer team who won a championship in 2022. Boeheim had the pleasure of coaching his sons Jimmy and Buddy but he also has a daughter who played ball. Who knows maybe the women’s basketball team needs an assisted coach on the floor. Boeheim has a 1015-441 overall season record, 48-28 in the big dance, and along with coach K coached 3 Olympic teams. Boeheim also founded the Jim and Juli foundation which has raised money for cancer treatment and prevention for over 20 years. Jimmy will be missed but it was time for Jim to cut down his net and enjoy his retirement.


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