THE POP EXPOSE ‘John Candy’ By Mitchell Smith!

John Candy was born October 31st, 1950 in New Market, ON. His life was ended short at the age of 43 do to a heart attack. Candy was a brilliant comedian and had a great deal of success in the 80’s. Despite his fame Candy spent a lot of time in his modest home in Canada with his wife and children. Candy was a big guy and he drank and smoked quite heavily despite the fact of his father dying at age 35 from a heart attack.

The short time Candy had on the big screen was filled with some of the greatest classic hits including, Uncle Buck, Stripes, and Space Balls where he played the lovable side kick Barff. Candy only took $414.00 for his roll in Home Alone as the movie budget was very tight and he gave up a larger cut for the movie and for his friend John Hughes who had casted him for the roll in National Lampoons Vacation. Candy played alongside Steve Martin in Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. This is one of my favorite movies, full of laughs from start to finish. Candy was a SNL member and a member of the equivalent Canadian sketch show SCTV. He also had work in many other TV shows such as Boris and Natasha, Sesame Street, and Coming up Rosie where he worked alongside Dan Aykroyd and Catharine O’Hare. One of my other favorite Candy movies is Cool Runnings. The story about the Jamaican Bobsled team. This one hit close to home as I grew up near the 1980 Olympic site Lake Placid.

I was fortunate enough to take a few rides down the Bob run and if you ever have been down one, it moves pretty fast. Every corner is very precise and this movie really brought forward the hard work and dedication it takes to compete in the Olympics. It was a sad day when Candy passed away. His legacy will live on for years to come, and his on screen presence may never be matched.

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