THE POP EXPOSE – John Candy’s ‘Canadian Bacon’!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone, today I’m taking a look at one of John Candy’s final movies “Canadian Bacon.” This is another gem that gets forgotten a lot. The cast included among Candy are Rea Perlman, Alan Alda, Micheal Moore, Kevin Pollak, Jim Belushi, Keven O’Connor, Wallace Shawn, Bill Nunn, and late great Rip Torn, who I may have to do a single story on him soon. This is a comedy released in 1995 the year after Candy passed away at the young age of 43. The basic jest of this movie is what if the US and Canada went to war. It’s a classic comedy and if you have never watched it make sure to check out this and any other movies John Candy is in. Have a good week everyone.


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