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Johnny Horton

Johnny Horton was an American Country singer born in 1925 in Los Angeles. Horton died in 1960 when he was hit by a drunk driver. Horton went to Lon Morris Junior college, Seattle University, and Baylor University, he made a short pursuit of geology, but gave up college and went to Alaska to dig for gold. It was there he began to write songs. He entered a talent show sponsored by a radio station in Longview, TX and ended up winning first prize. He started entering more talent shows and figured out he was pretty good. John got his first hit with Honky Tonk Man, later he toured with

Jonny Cash and Roy Orbison. Some of his most famous songs include some historical ones such and Battle of New Orleans, Sink the Bismarck, North to Alaska, Battle of Bull Run, and Comanche are a few of his hits but he had many others outside of the historical nature. Horton was a big influence on the Rockabilly music genre and Johnny Cash dedicated a song to him after Horton’s death.

I was introduced to John Horton at a young age, my father was a big Country and western fan and I was exposed to a lot of 50, 60, and 70s country music. Horton really stood out among all the great musicians. I also introduced my children to John a couple of years ago and my kids especially my son really enjoyed the Bismarck and Battle of New Orleans. Horton just has that distinct voice and he sang with passion. I’m not a big fan of modern Country, but the classic Country will always have a spot in my heart. Johnny Horton will always be one of my top classic Country artists as well.


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