THE POP EXPOSE – ‘LITTLE GIANTS’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. To kick off the NFL playoffs Today I want to talk about a great movie from 1994, Little Giants. This is an awesome movie about two brothers who settle a long time grudge after they compete for the peewee title football game. Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neil play brothers in a small town in Ohio, Urbania .

This is a funny inspiration movie. John Madden, Emmitt Smith, Tim Brown, and Steve Emtman also make an appearance. There are a ton of child actors and this one is one you can catch on Tubi if you are looking for one to watch with the kids. The kids do a great job and there are plenty of laughs throughout the whole movie. Make sure to put this on you watch list and let’s get ready for some awesome football playoff games.

Kevin O’Shea (Ed O’ Neil) is an early retired Football Star, who now coaches a pee-wee league team. When Kevin excludes his niece, Becky O’Shea (dispite her being the best player), she convinces her dad Danny O’Shea (Rick Moranis) to coach a pee-wee team, and beat Kevin’s team. Danny accepts in an attempt to show Urbainia that Kevin is not invincible, and that there is another O’Shea in town. Danny picks a team of players that have never been given a chance, and Danny no-longer wants to be Second Best.


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