The POP-EXPOSE ‘Miley Cyrus’ by Mitchell Smith!

Destiny Hope Cyrus born in November 1992 to Country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Cyrus. She was nicknamed Smiley and later Miley and the name has stuck with her ever since. Growing up she would get cast as the lead character in Disney’s Hannah Montana show. She originally auditioned for the lead characters friend, but was called on to take the lead roll. So her start up had begun and she became a huge star with the 2003-2009 show. 

When the show ended Miley went on acting and singing. She has had some controversial performances in the past few years, but breaking out of that sweet innocent Hannah Montana persona is not easy. I recently saw Cyrus on a talk show and she seemed funny, sweet, and down to earth. The type of girl you would bring home to mom. She has seemed to survive the childhood stardom so far and now is on a path to a successful career. 


I admire Cyrus just because she seems to have not let the success and money go to her head. Now not to say that it wont but for a 25 year old with that much success, she at least on the TV looks pretty normal, and I haven’t heard anything that she has done that is just Hollywood craziness. So I hope she keeps a level head and continues to grow and have success.

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