The Pop Expose – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Review!

Story By Mitchell Smith

It is Sunday, and that means it is time for the Pop Expose! Over the weekend I started watching the Netflix series “Monster : The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” I was in high school and remember this story when he was caught. I haven’t finished the series yet but this is an interesting series so far. First off we get to time travel through the the seventies and eighties and see a different side of the track then some of the recent series that we have seen on tv. Dahmer who appeared to have a normal upbringing in the sixties and seventies was traumatized by his parents.

They spent a good amount of time fighting throughout his childhood and left little time to do stuff with him. In his teens and twenties he failed at most of what he tried mostly do to alcohol abuse. I think of shows like Breaking Bad and I’m like this is just a show. The Dahmer series gave me chills right from the get go knowing these were true events.

As a kid I watched The Shining and Poltergeist and I never was much into horror flicks after that, but this series really drew me in. Evan Peters does an amazing job portraying Dahmer and Molly Ringwald plays his stepmother Shari. Dahmer was finally caught and convicted for 17 murders. The show takes us through his life and gives us an idea of how someone could do something so horrific as this. Be sure to check it out. Have a great week everybody. Be sure and and MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and join in the conversation!


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