THE POP EXPOSE ‘My Top 10 Christmas Tunes’ By Mitchell Smith!

Well it is getting mighty close so if you are not ready for Christmas you probably wont be. This is one of my favorite times of the year and one of the best things is catching all the Christmas songs on the radio. There are a lot of great classics and lots of modern songs but I have narrowed down the list to my top ten playlist. I easily could have made this a top 20, but I wanted to narrow it down and get some of your favorite Christmas songs as well.

I Want a Hippopotamus for ChristmasGayla Peevey
This Oklahoma native was just 10 years old when she recoded this back in 1953. This is a great song and very unique. So this one slides in as my number 10 on my playlist.

Father ChristmasThe Kinks
This 1977 song takes a look at the darker side of Christmas and is worth listening to. It is catchy and I enjoy listening to it even on the other side in July, so this one lands on my 9th spot on my play list.

12 Pains of ChristmasBob Rivers
What would Christmas be without a little humor. This 1988 release was an instant hit and comes around each year to bring joy to people about the pain of Christmas.

Blue ChristmasElvis Presley
In 1964 Elvis performed Blue Christmas and it was an instant classic and remains a staple for this this time of the year. How can you go against the king.

I saw Mommy Kissing SantaJimmy Boyd
This 1952 classic has been covered by such stars as Reba McEntire and John Mellencamp. It’s one of the all time greats and falls in my number 6th spot

All I want for Christmas is YouMariah Carey
1994 was a great year for me. Mariah’s release of this song was just one of those songs that has stuck with me over the years. If anyone has ever had that special person, you can relate to this song. I have had that and that’s why she holds in my number 5 spot.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas TreeBrenda Lee
This 1958 release did not become popular until Lee became famous in 1960. It has been around for quit some time and was revitalized by the 1990 movie Home Alone.

John LennonXmas Time
The Beatles have had many Christmas hits as a group and as well as solo careers, Lennon’s 1971 release was one of those songs that defined the era and remains a great staple to this day.

Where are you ChristmasFaith Hill
This one lands at number 2 on my play list. I get chills every time I hear this song. Faith is just an amazing singer and captures the moment so well with this one.

Santa Clause is Coming to TownBruce Sprinsteen
I have to go with the Boss for my number 1. I can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit every time this one comes on the radio. If you happened to pull up next to me at the red light when this song is on, you may think I’m crazy because I can’t help but sing along at the top of my lungs.

What are your favorite Christmas Songs? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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