THE POP EXPOSE Netflix Series ‘The Mind, Explained’ By Mitchell Smith!

The Mind, Explained (Netflix series)

The human body and the human brain have always intrigued me. Not sure if it makes me simple or complex, but all the functions of our body that make it work fascinates me. Recently though I watched the Netflix series “The Mind, Explained“, and it made me even more intrigued about the human brain and how it works. We all have the same basic make up but different parts of everyone’s brain may or may not work the same which is probably why we as a species have so many different characteristics and unique individualities. This was an interesting series to watch. It really made me think about how my thought process goes sometimes, and gave me some insight on how to expand and get in touch with my inner brain. One of the episodes talked about LSD. It was kind of an interesting episode. It suggests that in a controlled environment and a precise quantity, LSD could open your mind to a larger universe and actually expand your mind to experience something that one might not experience without the drug. One of the other episodes talked about anxiety and meditation.

There were some real good points. It is worth checking out. The body and the brain can function both by itself, but ultimately if 1 dies the other will as well. We as a society I think spend a good amount of time promoting healthy living and stress the importance of eating properly and exercising, which does help your brain as well as your body, but as one episode suggests daily meditation has a similar effect on the brain much like weight lifting or jogging strengthens or body, meditation strengthens our brain. I guess the old saying is true “Use it or lose it”. Similar to our muscles losing strength when we don’t use them, our brain loses strength. So if you get a chance, this series is worth checking out and really gives some insight of how our brain works and how we can stay mentally strong.

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