THE POP EXPOSE Netflix’s ‘Apache Warrior’ By Mitchell Smith!

Apache Warrior is a 2017 Netflix documentary about the 2003 Apache mission into Baghdad. This was a wild show going into the Apache helicopter and following them on their mission. To start out the Apache is one badass helicopter. This show talks to the men and women who trained to be pilots and follows their mission into Baghdad to give air support to a team on the ground. I guess I never realized how intense the helicopter missions are.

I always thought the jets did all the air strikes, but this gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of the advantage of using helicopters for precise hits on military targets while avoiding innocent citizens. The documentary is very well done and I was on the edge of my seat as they moved into Baghdad and came under a lot of ground fire. The helicopters fly low to avoid radars but that leaves them open to being shot at from the ground. A regular rifle can hit the low flying choppers and do serious damage especially if the pilot or the gunner are hit.

The Apache helicopters were built like flying tanks though. Even with heavy gun fire and several portions of the helicopters being damaged the helicopters were still able to move forward without being completely destroyed. This was a great documentary and really brought me a greater appreciation for all of our troops fighting to keep the world safe. This is on Netflix and is definitely worth watching if you have not already.

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