THE POP EXPOSE ‘NFL Playoffs’ By Mitchell Smith!

Many NFL teams seasons came to an end last week as far as playoffs are concerned. Probably the most disappointing loss was the Green Bay Packers who in response to the lose head coach Mike McCarthy was fired. Many teams got some meaningful wins as far as finishing the season strong and working on next year such as the Cardinals who beat GB, and Giants beating the Bears for a huge win as far as their season goes, but even though it keeps their playoff hopes alive it’s probably just a moral win. 

The Saints are one of the front runners and it would be cool to see Brees go up against Rivers and the Chargers in the Super Bowl after they traded Brees away to the Saints and Brees went on to become one of the greatest all time Quarterbacks. The top seeds as it stands right now are the Rams, Chiefs, Saints, and the Patriots. There have been two 6 seeded teams to win a Super Bowl, the 2005 Steelers and the 2010 Packers, and with this years new stricter Quarterback protection rule this opens the door wide open for some of these lower seeds to come up big in a playoff game or 2. There are a couple teams turning it on at the end of the year that could get in and do some playoff damage such as the Cowboys and the defending Super Bowl champs, the Eagles who are fighting for a spot and will square off against the Cowboys today. 

There are still a lot of tight conferences and a lot of this week and next week are going to be teams fighting for a playoff spot so they will be or should be playoff caliber games. So here is a couple bold predictions for the playoff from me, Green Bay has about a 1% chance of making the playoffs, Rogers will be fired up and win their last 4 games but will it be enough to overtake teams like the Vikings, Seahawks, or the Redskins to squeak into that 6th seed. I see Dallas is fired up on both ends of the field after making the Saints look like a sub par team last week, but I don’t believe a defensive team has a shot at a Super Bowl these days.

I still see Dallas getting a first round win and playing a tight 2nd round game, but will get edged out at the end by the top seed maybe even a grudge match against the Saints. In the end as far as the NFC goes I think Drew Brees and the Saints are solid enough and Brees will take over the playoffs and will them into the Super Bowl, edging out The Rams in an Epic game. AFC side is packed with veteran teams. I don’t see any young teams getting into the playoffs such as the Dolphins, Bills, or Titans, there is a slight chance the Colts could sneak in, and about a .00000000001 % chance the Browns will get in but I’ll be rooting for them if they do. I think all the big stars will end up not being able to figure out the top seeded Chiefs. Brady, Roethlisberger, and the rest of the old timers it’s time to step aside for the next generation. 

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