The POP-EXPOSE ‘Oskar Schindler’ by Mitchell Smith!

Oskar Schindler born April 28th 1908 was a Nazi German who saved 1200 Jews during the WWII holocaust. During a time of complete bedlam in Germany and the surrounding areas, Schindler who was a businessman, kept a handful of Jews as his laborers in his enamelware and ammunition’s factory. Steven Spielberg created a masterpiece in 1993 in Schindler’s List. Liam Neeson did a remarkable acting job, and the movie showed what times in Germany were like, and how Schindler used his creativity to move Jews into his factory instead of German concentration camps. Where most Nazi Germans thought of the Jews basically as rats that needed to be disposed of, Schindler used his factories as a safe haven for Jews. As depicted in the movie, the hardest part was keeping it a secret.

Word started to get out about Schindler, but it had to be top secret or the Nazi’s would kill him along with the Jews. The film won several Academy awards including best picture. WWII survivors and Holocaust survivors are dwindling quickly as we come into some 75 + years past. There have been several recent movies about WWII and the devastation that it caused on the world and the magnitude of the worldwide effects, but when you see a film such as Schindler’s List you realize that someone had to step in and fight for these poor people being tortured, and you realize that Oscar Schindler was a brave man to stand up to the German ideals, and protect those he could. My grandfather marched with the 5th Armored division landing in Normandy and followed Patten right into Berlin.

He had taken a few pictures of his buddies piled on top of a Sherman tank hitching a ride for a mile or two, but one of the most horrific pictures he was able to take was of one of the ovens used to burn the bodies of the Jews. It really put things into perspective for me and showed me why the Axis needed to be stopped. When you take a look at what soldiers endured, people endured, and what 1 man accomplished, just 1 man was able to save 1200 lives, that’s remarkable. After his death in 1974 Schindler was buried in Jerusalem. He was the only Nazi to be honored like this and many people visit his grave still today to honor the person he was. The world could use more Oskar Schindler’s in it.

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