THE POP EXPOSE ‘Peter Pan’ By Mitchell Smith!

Peter Pan is a fictional character who first appeared in J.M. Barrie’s book “The Little White Bird”, which was published in 1902. Pan only an infant at the time was in a small portion of the book, and was later extracted and expanded on. There have been many books, stage performances, television shows, and movies adapting Barrie’s original character. Walt Disney created the animated version of Peter Pan in 1953, and it became an instant classic.

Steven Spielberg did Hook in 1991 with the late great Robin Williams playing Peter Pan, and most recently the 2015 Pan, which starts out with Peter’s mother leaving him as an infant and follows the story of Peter through his childhood years. I never was really a huge fan of Peter Pan, but I love history and just happened to catch some of Pan on TV and it sparked my interest of where Peter Pan came from and how long he had been around. I have know the story since I was a young boy, but I never realized Peter Pan had been around for the better part of 116 years. Somehow the story became very interesting to me, so I’m going to grab some of the original works and look deeper into the Pan world. Do you love Peter Pan? Join in the conversation and let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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