THE POP EXPOSE ‘Rancor vs. T-REX’ By Mitchell Smith!

Earlier this week I was setting up some Lego’s with my son and he asked me what I thought would happen if Jurassic World crossed over to Star Wars and the Rancor and T-Rex had a battle. So I thought it would be fun to compare the 2 and see who we all thought would win this battle. T-Rex could grow to about 12 feet tall but 40 feet from head to tail and weighing in at around an estimated 20,000 lbs give or take a few thousand. T-Rex has those razor sharp teeth for hunting prey and that long tail for balance and I suppose attacking, she has short arms but powerful legs and a biting force of nearly 13 grand pianos falling on their prey. This makes her a ferocious beast in battle and a though kill for any opponent.

The Rancor is around 16 feet tall and 3600 lbs. It has very long arms and fingers to grab and wrap up its prey. Most of its strength seems to be in his arms and a straight forward attack on its prey would seem most likely its best defensive position. So now for these 2 to Square up. T-Rex definitely has the weight advantage here so Rancor is going to have to use some swift maneuvering to hold in this battle. Although T-Rex has that long tail to sweep the Rancor may be able to block that and perhaps even grab onto the tail with his giant hands and hold that off from doing any major damage. If the Rancor uses his head he might be able to use those long arms to toss a couple throat jabs or an eye rack to stun the T-Rex long enough to wage a fierce attack on her mid section and possibly get some major head shots in before going in for a kill. Keep away and dancing around may be the best defense the Rancor has against the much heaver T-Rex. Now it’s the T-Rex’s turn to attach.

She may have to do some skirting around and get in behind the Rancor, that powerful tail will be key to getting the Rancor to its knees and setting him up for the kill. Once down Rancor still will have his arms to hold off a close body attach from T-Rex, so she may need to just use her weight and brute strength to get through those long arms and in close range of the neck and body. The throat may be the only shot that T-Rex has bringing down the Rancor, or if she can stun him enough and get around the back side T-Rex can do a back attack much like the door slammed down on the back and killed the Rancor in Jabbas Palace, T-Rex would clamp down on the back of his neck and snap it. Well it would be an interesting battle, so what do you guys think, who would win and how would they do it? Sound off and let us know your opinion AFTER THE JUMP!

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