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There have been many awesome lightsaber battles created in the Star Wars franchise. From the original moment when Ben introduces us to the Lightsaber to the final battle on Starkiller base, the lightsaber has captivated many people. The old familiar buzz of the lightsaber igniting and waving around can be mimicked and your own battle can be created with well just the sound and waving your hands. There have been many awesome lightsaber battles and stories created in the movies as well as animated series such as “Rebels” and the “Clone Wars” video games such as “Unleashed” and books such as “The Approaching Storm”. There have also been many battles between father and son in the back yard, where moments have been created and remembered for years. One of my favorite things to do is when we go camping to create a massive night lightsaber battle. Here is my personal list of lightsaber duels that play a significant roll in the movies. I did not expand to anything outside of the movies, so here is my top 10.

Anakin vs Dooku – Revenge of the Sith
This is a rematch from AOTC, where Anakin was still learning and was overpowered by the wielder of the Dark Side. This time Anakin not only gets revenge on Dooku by returning the favor and cutting of his hands, but Anakin continues his path to the Dark Side and cuts off Dooku’s head on the encouragement from Palpatine.

Kylo Ren vs Han Solo – The Force Awakens
This is one of the newest duels and not really much of a duel at all, but significant to the Star Wars franchise. I think this goes deeper then Han Solo, no pun intended. This is a classic moment that any parent can relate to. No matter what path a child chooses a parent will always try and guide them back on the right path if they choose to stray off to the so called Dark Side. Han trusts the Ben will hand him his lightsaber, but he is betrayed and this becomes a big changing point in the Star Wars saga.

Luke vs the remote training ball – A New Hope
Again not much of a battle here, but this was the point where Luke felt what had buried inside of him. Much like a persons passion or hidden talent, Obi Wan draws the Force out of Luke and shows him that he is more than just a farm boy. Much like a teacher or coach tapping into a kid and teaching them how to play a ball game or teach them how the sun works. It was a moment where Luke did feel something and he bought into Ben’s words and started down a path to help others who might be less fortunate then he. Ultimately this moment would set up the story for the rest of the original trilogy and beyond.

Geonosis battle – Attack of the Clones
It was total bedlam. The Jedi were surrounded and the only way out was just swing away. Rotating blades of blue and green light. This was a great battle and this is where Boba Fett watched his father get killed and the Clones were introduced to battle and the rest of their story skyrocketed.

Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan vs Darth Maul – The Phantom Menace
This was the start of a new era for the Star Wars franchise. Lucas and his team hit the rewind button and went back to tell the back story of some of our beloved characters. Ben Kenobi was one of the most iconic characters and his story was highlighted in the prequels. When Ben and his master went up against Maul we saw a light saber battle that had been long awaited for. It was what we would expect from a Jedi and Sith. Obi Wan could have easily felt resentment and hate and turned to the dark side, but instead he instantly takes care of business and moves on to his next task with the Jedi Order. All in all this was a defining moment for Ben and this showed his strength and devotion to the Jedi and to the power of good over evil.

Mace Windu vs Palpatine – Revenge of the Sith
Palpatine is sniffed out to be the Sith the Jedi have been looking for. This is where Palpatine is confirmed to be the Sith Lord and he is the Emperor, the one who trained Vader. Palpatine and Windu have a battle with the lightsaber and this is where Palpatine gets his deformed look. Papatine who is in certain shambles and will be brought to justice by the Jedi is saved by the young Jedi who Palpatine has been trying to seduce to the Dark side for quite some time now. This is the moment that transformed Anakin to the dark path and ultimately would create a new adventure and path for Vader, who would become one of the most feared villains in the galaxy.

Anakin vs Obi Wan – Revenge of the Sith
It was a battle I had heard about long before it happened. How did Darth Vader become who he was and why did he need his suit. One of the most epic battles on the screen and in importance to the franchise. The actors went through extensive training to make the light saber battle look authentic. They did not disappoint. It was a battle of wit, hate, love, risk taking and ultimately chance when Obi Wan ends up on the high ground against his padawan who he had taken in and trained to be the Jedi of all Jedi. Recognizing that Anakin had turned to the dark side Ben looks past all the personal feelings he may have had for Anakin, and does what a Jedi must to protect himself and the Jedi Order. This will remain one of the most epic battles of the franchise and could have easily slid into the 1 spot on my list.

Vader vs Ben Kenobi – A New Hope
This is one of the most iconic battles of the Star Wars franchise. It may seem a bit corny and lame to kids today, but this was the first lightsaber battle of the franchise and not known to fans at the time that this would become one of the greatest stories in the Star Wars world. Vader who had a great deal of anger toward Kenobi was proud of his moment of apparent revenge when he struck Ben down. Kenobi who had spent a great number of years docile and new he would become more then a Jedi once Vader struck him down. It’s such a great moment and it catapults Luke into becoming the rebirth of the Jedi.

Luke vs Vader – The Empire Strikes Back
This is another epic and iconic battle between Luke and Vader. Luke who is in the early stages of becoming a Jedi takes it upon himself to save his friends and is forced to confront Vader. Luke is strong with the force, but he is not a Jedi yet. After one of the best lightsaber battles fans have witnessed up to that point in time, Luke looses a hand and finds out the best kept Star Wars secret, which will change his path and the Star Wars face forever.

Luke vs Vader – Return of the Jedi
This is one of my favorite battles in the Star Wars franchise and I’ve ranked it #1. This was an epic battle between father and son, good and evil, light side and dark side of the force. It was here that Vader learned Luke had a twin sister and could perhaps be turned to the dark side if Luke wouldn’t. Luke comes out of the shadows and the music was perfectly orchestrated and for the 80’s and the Star Wars Franchise this was just an awesome battle on the screen. By the end of the battle Luke makes a decision to toss town his saber and let the Emperor know he failed at turning Luke to the dark side. It ended the struggle in the Original Trilogy between good and evil. Luke conquers the Dark Side of the force and seemingly eliminates the emperor and brings his father back from the Dark Side. This was an Iconic ending when Vader is released from evil and takes his mask off to look upon his son with his own eyes. Now some 30 years later Luke has been set up to be the revitalization of the Jedi. It was an awesome ending and now I can’t wait to see the next chapter in the Star Wars galaxy that this very battle has set up for the franchise.

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