THE POP EXPOSE – ‘Red Notice’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Well hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and everyone is in place to have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week, at least those of you in the U.S. I had a little extra time yesterday so my son and I went on Netflix to find something to watch. So we settled on Red Notice. This was a great movie. Dwayne Johnson stars along side Ryan Reynolds in this action comedy. There are several nodes to the eighties and nineties along with a modern punch.

Johnson and Reynold’s characters form a love hate relationship as they travel across the globe looking for Cleopatra’s 3 golden eggs. Johnson and Reynolds work great together. Along side those 2 Gal Gadot and Ritu Arya are the female stars who tie everything together and put many twists in the movie. In the end this ended up being a great movie and might just be an instant classic. If you have not and have time check this movie out. Stay safe and have a great week everyone.


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