THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Bob Saget Story by Mitchell Smith!

Today we say good buy to another Hollywood star. Bob Saget was born May 17th 1956 in Philadelphia,PA. Most probably remember him as Danny Tanner, the patient father with all the answers on Full House. Saget was a brilliant comedian and performer. Growing up Full House was a staple show in my house. We watched and loved Tanner’s fatherly advise and used it in our own lives.

In a sense Saget along side Dave Coulier, and John Stamos were like our uncles. We lived and learned from their mistakes. Saget was on tour and recently was in my home away from home Jacksonville, Fl. Saget recently said how much he enjoyed doing this tour. I was just watching TikTok videos of Saget and it’s hard to believe he is gone. His 2022 Comedy tour would have been a great show to catch, and now just like that the world lies in shock of his sudden passing.

Saget left his mark on the world with one show but also had a hand in many other works, making appearances in different shows and was in a number of movies. This one hit hard and Saget who left us too soon will never be forgotten. RIP Mr. Saget.


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