THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Bobby Bowden!

Hello everyone. Bobby Bowden was born in 1929 in Alabama. Bowden had an illness at age 13 and was bed ridden for nearly a year. There he found a love for WWII reports and college football via radio. Bowden went on to play football for the University of Alabama and would not make the pros but instead went into coaching. A niche for Bowden as he climbed the ranks and landed head coach at Florida State in 1976.

There Bowden would turn a poor team around and for the next 30 plus years Bowden would become one of the most winningest coaches in college football. He had his fair share of ACC championship and 2 National championships which are not easy to come by. Bowden married his childhood sweetheart and raised 6 children on top of dedicating his life to Seminole football. He has had many awards named after him and has left an impression on college football that will live on for years to come of his hard work ethic and dedication to making and sustaining a winning program year after year. When it comes to college football not many other coaches stand out like Bowden.

Sadly Bowden was diagnosed with cancer and at age 91 he lost the battle. His name will not soon be forgotten and his legacy as one of the greatest college football coaches will live on through the great Florida program he built. RIP Bobby Bowden you have definitely earned it.


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