THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Gilbert Gottfried! 

Hello and happy Easter everyone. Today I’m paying tribute to the late great Gilbert Gottfried. Born in Brooklyn in 1955 Gilbert lived above the hardware store his father owned. Gilbert started doing standup at age 15. He quickly became a local standout. In 1980 he was hired for season 6 of Saturday Night Live. Although you may not recognize him with a regular voice, Gilbert was entertaining.

Once Gilbert started using his shrill loud voice he instantly became a one of a kind comedian. There was no mistaking Gilbert Gottfried for anyone else. Gilbert was in many movies such has Beverly Hills Cop, Problem Child, and Look Who’s Talking. He also did voice work in which his most famous character is Lago from Aladdin. Gilbert was always entertaining on shows such as Hollywood Squares and Celebrity Apprentice. Although his humor was sometimes over the top raunchy he could keep you in stitches day in and day out.

He was a talent like no other and was taken from us way too soon. Gilbert will be missed by those who knew him and those who watched him on tv. A true living legend will forever be remembered. Rest In Peace Gilbert Gottfried.


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