THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Howard Hesseman ‘Dr. Johnny Fever’!

Hello everyone today we remember Howard Hesseman aka Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP In Cincinnati. Hesseman was born in Oregon in Feb 1940 and passed away at age 81. WKRP was revolutionary show and Hesseman was a huge part of its success. Hesseman also played captain Lassard in the hit comedy Police Academy which sported several up and coming stars.

He also was in Halloween II and 2012 Bigfoot among many other movies. He started out in the late sixties and performed on tv for several other hit shows such as Dragnet, That ‘70s Show, and Charlie Moore on The Head of the Class. He had a successful career spanning over 50 years. Hesseman was a great and funny performer and his legacy will carry on through his works. RIP Mr. Hesseman.


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