THE POP EXPOSE ‘Remembering Kenny Rogers’ By Mitchell Smith!

Kenny Rogers 1938-2020 Rest In Peace

–On a Warm Summer’s evening on a train bound for nowhere I met up with the gambler we were both to tired to sleep. So we took turns a-starin’ Out the window at the darkness The boredom overtook us and he began to Speak.– Kenneth Ray Rogers was born August 21, 1938 in Houston Texas. He was the fourth child out of eight. Kenny had a huge music career where he wrote songs and produced records, but he also was an actor in such works as The Gambler, Coward of the County, and one of my all time favorite movies Six Pack. Kenny had many huge musical hits like “The Gambler”, “Coward of the County”, and “Love Will Turn You Around.”

He was nominated and won several awards over the years such as best male country vocal for his performance in 1977 of “Lucille”, Island in the Stream performed with Dolly Parton in 1983, and in 2003 Kenny received the Lifetime Achievement Award for all of his great works over the years. –“I promised you, Dad, not to do the things you’ve done I walk away from trouble when I can Now please don’t think I’m weak, I didn’t turn the other cheek And papa, I sure hope you understand Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man” Everyone considered him the coward of the county.—Kenny Rogers was a staple throughout the Eighties.

You didn’t have to be a Country fan to know who Dolly Parton, Willy Nelson, and Kenny Rogers were. His signature white beard was unmistakable, and he had a voice like nobody else. His presence on the TV was just awesome. I loved the movie Six Pack, one of my all time favorite lines from the movie was “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, something a lot of people I know should practice today. Even as a kid in the Eighties his music was fun to listen to and I will never forget the lyrics to the Gambler. It was also fun to watch the Gambler TV series although I probably have forgotten most of it but might be something in the binge watching lineup. Kenny was a huge star and perhaps his name was larger then he was.

He was a star in the mainstream 80’s a huge shaping era for today’s modern world. Kenny will be missed but he was with close family at his home under the care of hospice when he passed. The legend is gone but will never be forgotten. Mr. Kenny Rogers I raise my glass one last time. And somewhere in the darkness the Gambler he broke even But in his final Words I found an ace that I could Keep

If you love Kenny Rogers music, sound off with your thoughts and memories of ‘The Gambler’ AFTER THE JUMP!

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