THE POP EXPOSE ‘Remembering Regis Philbin’ by Mitchell Smith!

Regis Francis Xavier Philbin Was born in August 1931 in Manhattan, NY, and sadly passed away Friday the 24th at the age of 88. Philbin most recognizable from his morning talk show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee and later Regis and Kelly. Regis was also the original game show host of the smash hit Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Regis graduated from the University of Notre Dame and shortly after joined the US Navy. Philbin started his career as a page at The Tonight Show. Philbin started out early in the 60’s and pursued a career in Talk Show. Throughout his career he hosted many different talk shows, game shows, and received several awards including Emmys for Talk Show and Game Show Host.

He is also in the Guinness World Records for “Most Hours on Camera.” Regis Philbin was the face of morning talk show. He was so brilliant and just carried himself in such a manor that it was hard not to just love the guy. He had a unique voice and his morning show Live with Regis was really embedded into my life. For several years I started my day by watching his show and he was just so entertaining. He knew how to capture an audience and hold them there. He is a voice and an act that will be missed very much and will be very hard to follow. Rest in peace Regis Philbin, your legacy will live on for many years to come. Be sure and MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and join in the discussion as we

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