THE POP EXPOSE ‘Should the NCAA Tourney Be Expanded’ by Mitchell Smith!

Has the NCAA outgrown the field of 68?

March Madness is upon us. This is one of my favorite time of years. Brackets, heartaches and headaches. Championship week will be finishing up and for many teams the tournament of do or die has begun. Teams that have poured their hearts into a season only to come up one win short of an NCAA tourney bid. The blood and sweat of a season shattered by one final loss. Today’s college athletes seem to be plentiful. The smaller schools draw better players and overall I think the teams are much better then even 15 years ago. So I’m sure the NCAA has talked about it, expanding the field. 

The past several years there are always at least 4 teams that get knocked out that should be in, maybe not teams that could win a championship, but at least a sweet 16. Some teams in the bigger conferences get snuffed out, while a team who wins their conference makes it in and might not be as good as one of those teams, but everyone gets a fair chance to make the tourney. So maybe the bracket is large enough. If your team gets knocked out, then maybe they should have played better during the season, and maybe they don’t deserve to get in. I’m sure anyone who loves the tournament would love to see more teams in it. 

More upsets and more Cinderella teams. Well either way I hope all your teams get into the big dance this year. Time to sit back and enjoy, this is has always been one of my favorite tournaments and I can’t wait for it to get started. 

What is your opinion, should they expand the field? Sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

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