THE POP EXPOSE ‘So Long Toys R US’ by Mitchell Smith!

Most TRU’s are closed or will be closing the doors by months end. Founded in 1948 in New Jersey the beloved store has been a staple in American culture and their signature jingle and mascot will be missed. As a kid I did not have a TRU close by so it wasn’t till my later years that I was able to enjoy TRU. I made up for lost time spending time looking for Thomas the Train and Barbies, but most of all spending time with my kids. I was able to check out the final weekend of the TRU near me. I bought a couple things as a final hurrah and a fond farewell. With the doors closing for TRU it opens the door for a KB Toy return. So its both sad and exciting to see one staple toy store go and another one return. Lets hope KB can compete and bring some cool stuff for kids and collectors.

Do you have fond memories or a favorite thing that you purchased at Toys R Us? Share your story with us AFTER THE JUMP!


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