THE POP EXPOSE ‘SOLO’ by Mitchell Smith!

This past week action figures started hitting stores for the upcoming Star Wars spin off movie, Solo. I love the idea of the spin off movies, but the very first teaser trailer I saw for Solo it didn’t really excite me. Now that there have been a couple trailers and the action figures are starting to trickle in, I have changed my whole perspective on this spin off movie. It’s hard to picture Han Solo as anyone different then Harrison Ford or Lando as anyone other then Billy D Williams, but I’m now thinking of it as the reboot of Kirk and Spock. 

Any one who grew up with Star Wars as I did has to unlearn what they have learned. If you can take a step back, open your mind, and take it for face value, this movie now looks like its going to be awesome and perhaps have a trilogy to itself. As Han states in the trailer I have a good feeling about this. I do get a good vibe and seeing some of the new action figures shows me there was some thought a care put into developing a younger Han and Lando. If we don’t see them in this movie, I hope we get some Greedo, some deep bellowing gibberish from Jabba, and maybe get an idea how fast a par sec really is, in a sequel to Solo

I hope it’s not just my pipe dream, but the more I see of this, the more I think that this could easily be a trilogy. I’m setting aside a little cash and passed on the 3-3/4 inch figures for now, assuming that there will be some cool Black Series figures once the release date gets closer. I’m stoked and I can’t wait for this to hit theaters and can’t wait for some cool figures, I think this one will be a big hit.

Are you looking forward to seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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