THE POP EXPOSE ‘Space The Final Frontier’ By Mitchell Smith!

Space has been around well forever I suppose. It is quite a mystery and perhaps the one thing that has no beginning or ending. Since the beginning of man space has fascinated mankind. Our ancient ancestors didn’t even know that they were obsessed with space. Every night they looked up at the stars and the moon. Every day they looked up at the sun. The sun has been worshipped for thousands of years and the stars have been connected into constellations. With advancements in technology we are able to see some of the distant planets and suns, and well as all the activity right here in our solar system. There have been a long list of shows and movies created about space. Some of the most popular ones include Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Alien, Buck Rogers, and Gravity to name a few. In 1969 we were able to land on the moon and walk about space. 

There have been several launches to space since then. In 2012 we were able to land a rover on Mars to explore the mysteries red planet. I think over the past 50 years we have come to believe and expect that someday space travel will be possible. We continuously are able to look further into the universe and are discovering new planets and solar systems. we have discovered planets capable of sustaining life, but we have not yet found any other life in the universe. It is highly unbelievable to think we are the only life in the endless blackness we look out into, and someday we may discover we are not alone, but till then we will just have to imagine what is out there.

I have always been fond of February. Not because of the bitter cold and snow that pelts us here in New York, but for the clear crisp sky that brings to life some of my favorite constellations. Orion has always been a favorite one of mine probably do to the ease of connecting the lines and actually being able to visualize him standing there with his 2 dogs. As a teenager I can remember standing out in the cold looking up and it didn’t bother me that my nose was frozen, I was just taking in all the shapes and imagination man had created by connecting the stars and naming the patterns and creating stories about them. I was looking at the same stars that someone in the 1500’s or 1200’s etc… would have been looking at. Just this past week I was able to take a look into the night sky and see a very prominent Venus and Mars. Some pretty cool things happening up there in space.

I was thinking for humans to travel in space it would look more like the Rag tag team of Battlestar Galactica where there would be certain ships that had livestock and vegetation. I also thought of Walle-e, and perhaps we would just become virtual blobs of life if we were to venture off into space. I think of Christopher Columbus looking out over the flat plane of the Atlantic ocean, it may have been a trip to the top of the bell tower that made him think outside the box and see that the earth was round not flat. Then he had to have the money, transport, and the gull to set sail for that uncharted land. I just got this crazy idea this week, what if space is much like Columbus’s crazy idea of earth being round, what if at one certain spot of our rotation around the sun that there is a spot where we could set sail and find another solar system that we could get into their gravitational pull and end up in a universe where there is a planet much like earth harvesting life. So hopefully you were able to take advantage of the planets in the Earth’s sky this week. Space has been a fascinating to me. I enjoy looking up at the stars an dreaming of another planet with life on it. Space has been brought to life in the studio and on the TV screen, but space travel could be closer than we think it is.

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